Hi, I'm

Niels Kuijt

Online Marketeer



New opportunities and/or challenges in any (experience wise) relevant online branche.

My experience

I'm currently employed at Veenendaal Horeca Totaal bv, The Party Factory and KBB invest bv. All jobs are completely different, which gave the opportunity to gain experience in different branches and roles. Below is a short description of my activities for each role.

Veenendaal catering

At Veenendaal Horeca Totaal I'm in charge of the marketing and external (online) communication. I also maintain and optimise the SEO and SEA on a weekly basis. Next to those activities I monitor (and maintain) the websites and create (or replace) content. Because I love to (and am able to) create brochures, flyers, websites the company does not need desktop publishers.

The Party Factory Nederland

The Party Factory is a part of Veenendaal Horeca Totaal. This company focuses on room rental. They have several 'party centres' around the Netherlands. I'm responsible for the online communications of the company. Maintaining the various websites, search optimalization (organic and advertisement) and acting as liaison are some of my key responsibilities.

KBB invest

I've been employed at KBB for ages. KBB focusses on three main components: investments, real-estate and care. For the 'investment branche' I'm fulfilling a variety of roles. I advise on online/IT cases, help with some administration and support different projects.